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Lives in Chittagong
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Bose Krishnamachari

Indian Contemporary Artist

Born 1963,

Lives In Magattukara village near Angamaly,Kerala and working in Mumbai, India

Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi

Born 1963 

Awards 3 

First Year in practice 32  

Exhibit 1989 Kochi  

Solo show 1989 Kochi 

Graduation 2000 London 

Bose Krishnamachari is highly influenced by the bold use of colours via a psychedelic abstract form of painting. Colours play a vital role in his works as they appear as an ocean of rainbow squirrelling with themselves. His paintings are colourful and vivid while his installations are sleek and heavily detailed.


Masters in Visual Arts, Goldsmith College, London - 2000

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sir J.J School of - 1991

Diploma in Art, Kerala Kala Peetom, Koch - 1985

Artist of the Month

Jogen Chowdhury


Artist Statement

Bose Krishnamachari’s works exude brightness and dynamism brought forth by the use of vivid colours all while being socio-politically driven, fleshed out in ironies and subversions. From his abstractions to his new media installations, the primary focus of his work has always been the world around him, his encounters with people, the power dynamics within, and how he perceives them all. The role of bureaucracy is either upfront or subtly in the background. Bose refrains from being pinned down into neat categories of identity. “I would like to present my identity more like a fluid one – as an artist, a designer, a curator, an organizer, a fashion aficionado, a gallerist and so on. I don’t want to be categorized,” he says. The city of Mumbai has been a constant source of inspiration for Bose’s work. From his days in the early 1980s as a student in JJ School of Art, he has tried to imbibe himself in the fabric of the city, soaking in all experiences the city could offer. “It is a city of people not of ‘djinns’; it is a city of life, not of tombs; it is a city of ‘chawls’, not of historic ruins. Life here always inspires me. Even if I had the opportunity to live in any other city, I don’t think I would give up Mumbai”, says Bose. He has made several artworks attempting to understand the psyche of Mumbaikars and dedicated to the many lives that come to Mumbai for a better start in life while tracing the invisible connections they have. For him, colours play a significant role in creating a new language. “I believe that colours can play a magical role and transform a body. They can sculpt something formless or abstract. They share positive vibes and represent maximum freshness, happiness, depth, layers and texture,” says Bose. He has been curating shows for over a decade, with the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in 2012 being a landmark occasion in the contemporary art scene in the country.