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Lives in Chittagong
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Jitish Kallat

Indian Contemporary Artist

Born 1974,

Lives In Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and working in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Nature Morte, New Delhi

Birth 1974 

Awards 4 

First Exhibit 1995 Mumbai  

Years in practice 26  

Solo show 1997 Mumbai 

Graduation 1994 Mumbai 

Jitish Kallat’s oeuvre is a mix of painting, photography, collage, sculptures, installations and multimedia works. His body of work is best characterized by a representation of life in an urban city with all its chaos and dissonance and self-conscious awareness of history.


BFA, Painting, Sir J.J.School of Art, Mumbai, India K.K. Hebbar Art Foundation Award Govt. First Prize, Sir J.J.School of Art, Mumbai, India - 1996

Fellow at the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mu - 1997

Artist of the Month

Jogen Chowdhury


Artist Statement

Kallat firmly believes that growing up in what one might call middle-class Mumbai suburbia did shape his world view. He argues that more than the city, it is the embodiment of emotions the city has to offer, which beguiles him. Life, Death, Time and Endurance, constitutes the nucleus of his art. The urban claustrophobia, cultural plurality, and the socio-economic concerns of Mumbai are externalised in some of his works. Urbanization, its beneficiaries and victims, its virtues and iniquities are some of the concerns he explores. Kallat views the city streets as his real university. The overplayed emotions of the city streets capture him. However, more than the city the larger subjects encrypted within it gains precedence in Kallat’s oeuvre. He has been widely recognised for the figurative paintings that delineate the cultural dualities of Mumbai. Kallat has expressed attentiveness to national history as he uses treasured documents of the past and pits them against the social milieu of the present. The artist hopes that the resolutions to our present conundrums could lie in the past. He defines himself as a member of civil society, cognizing and interpreting life in his way. He documents the demolition of an illegally built slum-dwelling which was a part of his childhood to reflect on the far-reaching effects of modernization of cities which requires re-location of its dwellers due to the widening roads and pavements. Kallat argues that the medium is just a vehicle to germinate an idea. The content determines the medium. The medium demands less consideration, it acts only as a carrier of a larger thought. Though painting remains his forte, the artist does not hesitate to explore different media and refuses to be labelled as a painter, sculptor or installation artist.