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The Art Season of the year 2015 has officially begun. Let the curtains be raised, the gallery and museum gates be opened to exciting shows and all of us who have been hiding and crouching from the scorching sun and irritable humidity can step into the coolness of white cube galleries and high ceiling-ed museums. Each year September hails a new exhilaration in the Art World with all the shows, group and solo, collaborations and interactive spaces activated with art and culture. What is in store is a platter of variety that will appeal to the palette of all those with a taste for curiosity and art. Indian and international artists are exhibiting their paintings, installations, sculptures, photographs, young and emerging artists rub shoulders with art veterans to add freshness and zest to our perspective and experience.

This year you too can partake of this excitement with the Artsome Watchlist. It will help you look out for art events in your city. This easy-to-access calendar will help you make your weekends more eventful, make that grabbing of coffee after a work day less dull and your drawing room conversations with friends over wine more informed and cultural.

Every two weeks we will post on our Facebook page (Don’t forget to follow us for regular updates) the cultural events we at Artsome plan to attend. Prepare to immerse yourself in an artsy autumn and experience the cultural happenings in the city art exhibitions, film screenings, museum shows and cultural festivals with Artsome Watchlist.

Here’s to not only more museums and galleries but also more people at these spaces. Sharing with you today shows and exhibitions that are running in your city in the month of September. Mark your calendars.

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