Artsome: A New, Zany Look

Artsome is charting a quiet, luminous, and spectacular journey through the by-lanes of the contemporary art world. It is a first of its kind endeavor, a whole-hearted attempt by Anubha Jain Gupta to fill the lack of education and exposure to art in the Indian Subcontinent. Your support means the world to us.

We are re-launching our home page on 29th of this month, because the website is more than just content. The home page is of paramount importance: gentle, self-mocking fun at the conventions of presenting knowledge. If you are a visitor to the website who expects tidy packages of information, give this a try. You might be surprised what beauty can be woven outside the confines of the Art 101 blogosphere.

Artsome believes in packaging content with style and substance. Our look defines us. We belive in beautiful clarity and apparent ease; our home page is a getaway to our website and an indicator of things to come.


New Feature: Mapping the Artist

Coming up on Artsome: Mapping the artist!

Artsome has recently launched a new section called Mapping the Artist, this section allows you to know the vital statistics of your favourite artist.

The Contemporary art world has no dearth of talented artists. Most of them boast of impressive resumes and critically acclaimed exhibitions at well known venues. Art itself is very subjective and governed by aesthetics.

Artsome wants to develop such a tool that will list some quantifiable factors which have helped build an Artist’s career. These include the number of exhibitions, awards, publications, collections, participations in International Art Fairs or Biennales, etc.

The tool is meant to show the depth of an artist’s work and how wide his audience is. With this easy Guide, you can for instance, compare two artists – the range of their works and their activity over the years, at a glance, as opposed to scouring through twenty pages of Google to do the same.

Since the accuracy of all the numbers cannot be accounted for, we welcome any corrections from readers with access to sources which are not available to us.