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It is said that imitation is the best form of flattery. Be inspired, invoke your muses, put on your French berets and participate in Artsome My Artist My Way Competition 2015.

The Competition aims to introduce young minds to new mediums and artists. The challenge is to choose one signature style/ motif/ symbol used extensively by an artist as your reference of inspiration and make something new and interesting with a concept entirely yours. You could appropriate, parody, be ironical, or pay homage in your recreation project, interpreting the symbol in your own way. With such a process you are either extending the artistic practice or challenging it.

The entries would be judged on the basis of how well the elements that the artist uses are understood and how innovative the subject matter is. Feel free to create Paintings, sculptures, or installations and send us a photograph of your creation.

My Artist My Way Competition is hosted by, an online resource for South Asian Modern and Contemporary Artists. Through this endeavour we aim to encourage interaction and familiarity with artworks and mediums in keeping with our initiative of taking art beyond a niche audience.


1. This is a Photo contest. Send us photographs of your inspired artwork.

2. Explain in 50-100 words the concept behind your creation including what elements you have borrowed and what drove you to create this.

4. The style maybe copied, but DO NOT COPY an artwork as it is.

5. All modes of photo editing are allowed.

5. Send all entries to

6. Maximum of 3 entries per participant is allowed

7. High resolution images not more than 5 MB per image are acceptable.

8. All artworks must contain an appropriate Title and Year of Creation

9. Deadline for submission is 30th June.


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