Artsome Team Hard at Work for the India Art Fair 2015 This Weekend in New Delhi!

India Art Fair has appointed Artsome to conduct its Curated Walks Program. Artsome is a first of its kind endeavour to attempt to fill the lack of education and exposure to art in the Indian Subcontinent. It is a one-stop resource for information on Modern and Contemporary Art in the region. Based on the ideals of being democratic and inclusive, Artsome is dedicated to taking art beyond a niche audience. The aim of creating a space for dialogue between artists, art collectors, buyers and enthusiasts ties up with Artsome’s goal of inclusive dissemination of knowledge and information about Art and promoting Arts amongst an intersection of audience. Artsome has taken several initiatives towards this end since its inception. The curated walks conducted by Atsome for India Art Fair 2015 is a step towards taking art to the public as part of its Educate Artsome initiative. Walks curated by Artsome will help facilitate interaction and dialogue about the arts and will be a unique platform for us to interact with art enthusiasts and artists alike.  The prime purpose of these curated walks will be to further knowledge and generate interest in the Arts along with providing a comprehensive guide to the fair.

These are the Curated Walks available to visitors free of charges. So Walk with Artsome at India Art Fair 2015!

The World goes Pop!

Imagine an installation that changes light as the earth moves around the sun or canvasses that appear to be painted but are actually created with glass and light? Come walk along, stand face to face with some of the most talked about works at the fair and be intrigued by of some of the world’s best-known artists.

Who made Indian Art modern

Here, we will take you through a journey of artists known for revolutionising Indian art. They have representedIndia on the global Modern Art scene expressing individual and collective emotions. They were the observers and pioneers of a turning point in Indian History and their work is an aestheticisation of the new found independence.

Contextualising Contemporary Art

Featuring contemporary artists with a focus on political and cultural issues concerning society, this art walk will enable participants to delve into myriad mediums and topical themes. Post-liberalisation phenomena of urbanisation, migration, displacement or ideological interventions through feminism are explicated, offering much food for thought.

Looking Beyond the Canvas

Contemporary art looks beyond the four walls of the studio. Artists are now going out and exploring infinite possibilities of art making. New media, site-specific artwork, installation, digital photography, experimental artwork, new forms of painting, time based works all form a part of the artists’ practice and process now.

Exploring Art Projects

Don’t you think that every art work has a story to tell or that the artist is conveying something personal to the public? The Art Projects walks are intended to decode the meaning behind the exhibited creations. So, walk with me to revel and un-mask the story and artistic process as artists involve themselves in these Art Projects.

Artsome WalksIndia Art Fair 2015