How to Make The Most Of Your Art Fair Experience- Artsome

By : Anubha Gupta

If you have ever commented that you know nothing about Art and Art Fairs and have wanted to kickstart your very own art collection but didn’t know where to start, this is the blog post is for you. These are a few tips to make the most of your trip to the India Art Fair and who knows you might be the proud owner of an art collection before the Monday blues set in.

In Wonderland

Art Fairs are wonderful places to see art from all over the world, brimming with artists, artworks, gallerists and visitors, encompassing large spaces that involve a lot of walking and crowd manoeuvring. So make sure your feet are happy even if you did not give your six inch heels a miss. Walk around extensively, look around for Art that appeals to you personally. Discovering your favourite art is to be an exhilarating experience not an exhausting one.

Through the Reading-Glass

Put on your reading glasses and educate yourself. For starters, focus on aesthetics and read a lot. Start by reading magazines like Art India, Take on Art, The Wall Magazine and of course Artsome, which will ensure you are an informed buyer. Another great way to develop that budding collector’s eye would be to involve yourself in latest art trends and events and only then can you begin to evolve your taste in art. At the fair, grab a fair guide, spot the artists and galleries you like, and make notes.

Not a First Date

If you particularly like something, ask questions! The best way to find out more about an artist or an artwork is to speak to the gallery representing that artist. This will help you consider the background and past exhibitions. Take a Curated Walk designed to help you make sense of the overwhelming barrage of images, chitchat with your friends over a snack, mull over the artworks you are interested in and come back to the booth with a fresh eye. Always ask for a business card if you are interested in buying!

Judging a Book by its cover

I don’t know what they say about book covers but the books we love, the music we play and art we buy tells a lot about us. Buying art is as personal as it gets and there is only one rule, Buy what you Love. There is no good or bad art, only tastes. So trust your own taste and instinct and buy art you immediately respond to.  Along with learning about the art world you also need to discover your likes and dislikes because the one big mistake you can make while buying art is to buy something you don’t love.

Time for Kickoffs

For a first timer, it is best to start small. There is art for all pockets. Don’t be scared to ask the price because you might just surprise yourself. Set a budget for yourself and exceed it only if you absolutely must. Do not rush a collection, this way you allow yourself to experiment with your tastes, and different artists and artworks. As you are not a seasoned collector, it is best you do not buy art for an investment but as a passion asset. Do not give in to investment stories about how art prices are appreciating or depreciating. Rather focus and kickstarting an incredible collection with smaller artworks.

Keep Calm and Have Fun!

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Art is fun. You have already spent a bit on the passes so you might as well have fun. Art Fairs have a lot to offer, apart from food and wine. Meet new people, chat with artists, participate in a discussion, take a curated walk, and just have a great time! Delhi is the art destination this weekend so catch up on the collateral events organised through the length and breadth of the city. You can then finally stop saying that you nothing about Art or Art Fairs. Time for a new conversation starter?

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