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Welcome to Artsome 101 DIY Course UNDERSTANDING PORTRAITURE. In this course we will learn about the various portrait styles from the subcontinent, from Academic Realism to Contemporary Art. Portrait painting as a genre came into artistic practice in the subcontinent with the colonial encounter. This course will not only keenly look at the historical development of the genre but also to what purpose have artists incorporated the genre. Artists over the century have used portraits in lieu of photographs, as human studies, as archives of everyday, to explore issues of identity, to delve deeper into subjectivity, to fashion a new self, to remember and to record.

To begin with, Portraits are defined as a genre of representing the subject in which face is the main theme. The intent was to display the likeness to that person in the painting so as to glorify, remember or record that person in history.

Artists have also used various mediums to execute portraits. While sculptures, painting and photography are the most popular mediums for portraiture, artists have also begun experimenting with various mediums like video. For the purpose of this course we have concentrated on more traditional mediums like photography and painting to explore portraiture.

This DIY course will help you identify various types of portrait art in the subcontinent. We will send you easy to read, fun guides each morning over a period of five days. You will get to read about artists who use portraiture, fun facts and trivia about these artists and the genre and view images that are bound to take your breath away. Each day will have a new theme and is bound to make your morning coffee more exciting and informative.

Let’s make drawing conversations more artful!

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