Unleash your IMAGINATION!

It was just one of those obsequious Facebook posts posing a query “Would you get up every morning and do what you are doing professionally, if there was no money?”

Sets one thinking doesn’t it? Of course the white-collared ones, enslaved by the 9 to 5 routine perhaps may not like to be a part of the proverbial ‘rat race’ if money is removed from the picture, but one wonders if the same applied to those in creative pursuits. Would an artist care or even a writer, poet, designer or a dancer or painter or sculptor? Most of those who are engaged in professions that involve their interest and passion are usually the ones who are not driven so much by the economics of their chosen path.


ARTSOME is a one-of-its kind web based portal that has been dedicated to showcasing art and artists through its blogs, reviews and features since the last three years. Not only do we feature renowned and revered artists, their oeuvre, their exhibitions, their drive and their vision, but through our network, we also provide information on upcoming talent and showcase new and budding artists through our contests.

We are constantly foraying into exploring fresh and budding talent and as a part of our latest initiative, we wish to engage further with the younger artists, painters, sculptors and those driven by creative instincts to enable them to share their work and to garner eyeballs as a small step for them to ease their entry into the world of established artists.

Channelising this thought process into realisation, ARTSOME presents a special initiative for nurturing new talent amongst artists, wherein we will feature their art and creations on our website, thereby giving them a much required platform to showcase their artworks. To participate, all the artist needs to submit are hi-resolution images of their artworks with a complete caption, an artist statement and a recent, updated resume. These will be uploaded on our webpage under the section entitled IMAGINATION.

The idea is to basically act as a bridge between artists and potential buyers and to facilitate a common point of interaction. This is a small step in realizing what we have always envisaged for our artist fraternity and for our art lovers and patrons – a simple and interactive forum for mutually beneficial interfaces.

For some, following their heart and struggling to eke out a living may not be easy as an artist and many get deterred from pursuing their passions owing to financial compulsions. ARTSOME understands these finer nuances and accordingly acts to make a difference, albeit small, yet meaningful! As one of the greatest artists of his times Pablo Picasso has said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” IMAGINATION believes in encouraging art and in nurturing artists.

Please start sending in your entries NOW at info@artsome.co!