VIP Preview of India Art Fair 2015

Artsome attended the VIP Preview and we have put together a list of ten artworks to watch out for at the fair. We will continue this series through the entire duration of the fair. Let’s sneak a peek at what’s happening at the 7th edition of the India Art Fair.

      Tyeba Begum Lipi, Recalling-1, 2014, Stainless steel made razor blades

                                                Faig Ahmed, Out, 2015, silk and metal embroidery on stretched silk

Atul Dodiya, Shakuntala, 2013, exterior: enamel paint, brass letters n motorised metal roller shutter with iron hooks, interior: oil on canvas

                                                    Nandita Kumar, eMotiVesOuNDs of the eLEctRicwRiTEr

                                                                       Paresh Maity, Procession

                                                      Prabhakar Pachpute, Transfers…, 2014, charcoal on paper

                                      Jean-Francois Rauzier, Lecture, Photo composition with diasec

                                                              S.H. Raza, Alingan, 2013, acrylic on canvas

Sadia Jamal, Parwaz Bara-e-Farokht, 2015, surgical blades, wire mesh and acrylic thread, boxed in acrylic sheet

                                                                                     El Anatsui